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They are still here by cheastnut They are still here by cheastnut
Within 50yrs from now America (being the largest threat) is the first to be attacked and overrun by the new Communist-Imperial nation, without the US the rest of the world loses motive. The rest of the Americas fall.The Communist-Imperial nation consisting of China, North Korea, and some middle-eastern countries soon take all of Asia except India and Russia. Communist-Imperial nation then marches over Europe, then Africa quickly taking Australia as well. Greenland and Norway fall next, then nuking England to finish off Europe. In 25 yrs the new Communist-Imperial nation controls all the world but India and Russia. India falls 10yrs later leaving Russia to stand alone for the next 500yrs. but with their population 1/1000 what it is now there is just no one left to fight.
The 'Earth war' is over.
For another 500yrs the only thing that changes is the Communist-Imperial nation becomes solely the Imperial Nation of Earth, and after the mastery of carbon freeze, and light speed the INE begins to forcefully colonize planets. After 1000yrs of war and now under foot the people (inspired by the militia rebellion) begin to fight back, with humans being spread across a dozen solar systems, total victories are counted by worlds instead of cities. The rebellion becomes a democracy of its own called the United Freedom Front. and tries to free the two intelligent alien races enslaved by the INE.
DwaNie (*Dwo-Ny* the English world for them as they have muscles in the place of our tonsils, that allow them to make sounds we can't) is most similar to us. They are decedent to reptilians as we are from ape, with a hide instead of scales and warm-blooded that is believed to be a product of their evolution. Their planet QwaNie *Qwa-Ny*, circles their twin suns in a figure-8. they have three primary seasons with four secondary 'rainy seasons'. Summer comes twice and makes the beginning, middle, and end of the year. In the image they are the equivalent to 18th century Europe. The stick in the individuals left hand is similar to a baseball bat, it is made from the Eua *E-o* tree it grows like Bamboo but is more closely related to dogwood. The tree to the left is referred to as the GloomBloom tree, it blossoms in the morning, blooms by noon, and in the evening the leaves evaporate. A forest of these trees in the evening are beautiful but at night add a look of dead things razing many superstitions. Twice a year the tree will grow edible fruit called Phut *fu-t*. The fruit resembles apples, but absorbs photons from the suns during the day and releases them at night giving a look of lanterns in their dead world. This one week twice a year promoted celebrating almost like a reverse Halloween.
As for the game think Skyrim, chose your path, chose your hero, then fight to save or enslave the galaxy. This picture shows INE win or UFF loss while on QwaNie. I only found out about this contest 2 days ago, and yesterday this all came to me and with working for almost 12hours a day leaves not much time to do much detail as I like to show how alien so tried to cover it with color and hoped my writing would compensate. I also know that you wanted it to be anime styled, but as I said with work and time I could really build it, but I figured sense I learned to draw from anime there would still be some sign of it, just as a sketch. Thank you for your time.
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March 21, 2013
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